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What a Year !


Whilst June for some marks the beginning of summer, for us here at Enterprise bucks – June is the end of the academic year and we also say goodbye to 3rd year students whose university life at Bucks comes to an end. (Sad face emoji)

It has been a jam packed year for the Enterprise department which kicked off with the enterprise festival in November which was graced by the likes of Alex Mills (Apprentice), Alexis Knox (Stylist to the stars) and not failing to mention the Think Big Conference which featured a speaker series across PR, Social media and motivating students towards success.

For the first time ever in EB history we took students away for a business boot-camp residential trip. (It wasn’t as militant as it sounds… promise!) Students learnt the fundamental requirements of business in the beautiful surroundings of Missenden Abbey.

Proud moments of the year include; Tinashe Mandimika’s ‘Pop up shop’ experience @ HWbidco last month where he was graced with the opportunity trade for a week and sell his mouth watering banana based ‘peel good’ snacks under his ‘Peel Good ‘brand name.

Other proud moments include watching the personal and business development of  EBucks own Ruben Lubekwa’s and Holly Carter’s clothing brands who have both come a long way in , since joining the business programmes Enterprise B  had on offer.  (Definitely ones to watch to for the future and yes! You heard It here it first)

We’re not all just about business at HQ enterprise bucks we are also enthusiastic about helping students develop their experience and employment skills. This year we secured many students in paid work experience relative to their degree courses or personal interests as we had PR student Lisa Aitkens hosting one of our events and recruited animation student – Anton Alfomenko to design our animation video on our home page.

On a personal note it’s been such a pleasure to work with all the students that have graced the enterprise bucks doors and wish them all the most success with their future endeavours.

What a year! We’ve hosted trips, ran workshops, organised conferences, held competitions, there’s been winners, there’s been losers but “Onwards and upwards I say… Enterprise 2015/16 can only get bigger and better!”