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Naomi Tuffery

Founder & Textile Designer

Tuff Love

British textile designer Naomi Tuffery graduated from Bucks  in the Summer of 2012 with a BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Design degree, specialising in print design. During Naomi's second year she did a placement at Keeler Gordon. Whilst she loved the atmosphere of working within a studio, she knew without a doubt that she wanted to start her own company.

Heidi Nicole

Founder & Designer

Heidi Nicole Designs

Heidi Nicole Design is a luxury British stationery studio based in Oxfordshire. With a strong eye for detail and design. Heidi creates stylish, playful paper goods with an emphasis on quality and finish.

Ian Martin Adams

Account Executive 


A Bucks student from Bushey, Hertfordshire, who overcame dyslexia is celebrating a first-class honours degree. The successful student has already secured a job working as an Account Executive for American Express and Chanel with media agency Mindshare, in London.

Tom Omara- Okello

CEO & Founder

Fun & Games Productions

Tom a former Bucks student , graduated in 2010 and now runs an up and coming business called Fun&Games Productions. The commercial aspect of the business has four departments; merchandising and licensing, publishing, music and animation. The business consists of two main areas, the commercial side and  online. With the  company motto being "we change the world through production" and everything is done with a purpose. 


Micheal Frost

CEO & Co-founder

Unisex Events 

 Unisex is a student event brand co-created by Micheal Frost that specialises in bass-heavy electronic music. Unisex Events is committed to providing a gender friendly soundtrack, feel-good vibes and showcasing artists that are hot right now. Combined with high-quality production, experienced resident DJs and MC's, and professional branding.


York Woodford- Smith


Five on a Bike Ltd 

York graduated from Bucks in 2008 with a first class honors degree in Live TV production. Following his graduation, York has since gone on to create his own film company, Five on a Bike Ltd. It is a creative media company that produces film content.


Jenny Collicott


Jenny Collicott London 

Jenny Collicott is a printed textile designer, based in London.She finds inspiration in an eclectic range of sources;
from the unobserved objects of the everyday, to the wild animals of the Serengeti, combined with  her travels in the far east. This gives her brand a contemporary feel, a commercial edge, and a point-of-difference in the competitive scarf marketplace.

Cristiana Ionescu


Cristiana Ionescu Design 

Cristiana graduated in 2010 with a MA in furniture design. Cristiana's passion lies within furniture and product design. She  believes that besides functionality, sustainability and global design issues, other important aspects of design are aesthetics, humour and sentimental value. 

Ben Charles Gray

Blacklite Studios 

Ben Charles Gray  had an adventurous childhood, growing up mainly in Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, but also in the small town of Prangins, near Geneva in Switzerland, and New York City. He started playing video games at the age of three and was mainly a SEGA kid, owning a mega drive, a game gear, a SEGA Saturn and a Dreamcast, all for the lifelong love of a certain famous blue hedgehog - who, in some sense, he states 'was like my best friend while I struggled with Asperger’s Syndrome'.



Peter Kelk

Founder and Director 

Peter Kelk is 24, and currently in his second year of Music Management & Artist Development degree which the last two semesters will be complete in the Netherlands. Peter is from a small town called Worksop, near Sheffield. Peter used to own a record label called P.K Records, which stopped trading in January 2014 due to understanding that starting a record label in this day and age is not the future and cannot be sustained long term.

Tinashe Mandimika

Founder and Art Director 
Peel Good 

A 3rd year Creative Advertising student from west London. Tinashe practices Art Direction by exploring Idea Generation, Photography & Illustration. Peel Good is a pro active distributor of Banana based products and aims to become a pioneer in the trending nomadic street food market in London.

Sitareh Ibrahim

Electro Walking Cane 

Safa is currently a student at Bucks studying Business and Human Resource management while also managing two jobs - Tesco (Beauty Assistant) and PC World (Sales Advisor). Safa has a business idea of an electronic walking cane. The concept of the cane came about  during research of disabled and blind people in the workplace. Safa was inspired by the module Disability Discrimination  she was studying and was inspired to to bring about a device specially designed for partially sighted, blind and disabled people.

Coral Bentley

Education Consultancy 

Coral Bentley is a mother of two children aged 25 and 18 and currently a 2nd year undergraduate student studying (BA) Hons Events and Festival Management.

Coral's career background has been built on working with and supporting young people and families.

Monica- Payton K

Fashion App

Monica-Payton K is a third year student at Bucks studying Airline & Airport Management. Monica states that  she has a lot of aspirations in life, and finds interest in many things. One of her childhood dreams was to become a pilot as she has a fascination with flying, being on a plane and being in the cockpit. Her second childhood dream that has always been close to her heart is to be able to own her own business.

Ruben Lubekwa

Kings x Qveens

Ruben is currently in his third year of university, studying international management with career aspects of going into business consulting with the aspiration of either starting his own small business consultancy or working for a large organisation.


Nadia Hussain

Phenomenal Weddings & Amore Matchmakers 


An ex law student Nadia decided to go into Luxury weddings, corporate events, luxury events and the festival Industry and now currently a 2nd year (BA) hons Event and Festival Management student. Nadia states that she is very passionate and dedicated towards her studies and her career and an extremely ambitious person who's motto is; 'sky's the limit'

Catherine Vining

Cambridge Cheer Academy 

Catherine Vining graduated from Bucks with a 2.1 hons degree in business management as she always loved the idea of being her own boss. Whilst at university Catherine joined the BNU swans cheerleading society which is where she first fell in love with the sport.

Katheen Shaw

Bespoke Business Coaching 

Kathleen has had a career in business and broadcasting across a range of industries and organisations from large multi nationals to small, medium enterprises (SMEs).  She has worked in HR, Recruitment, Training & Development, Presenting, Tutoring and Mentoring in the Private and Public Sector as well as in Social Enterprise for organisations like the BBC, the National Lottery’s Camelot, the NHS and Abbott Laboratories.